Washington: There is a war between Russia and Ukraine. In such a situation, while India is trying to play an important role in the ongoing peace efforts, America is not liking this attitude of India. In this, Brian Dees, director of the White House National Economic Council, warned India against forming an alliance with Russia. “India may have to pay a heavy price for its alliance with Moscow,” Dez said.

India has not imposed sanctions

The United States is “disappointed” by New Delhi’s response to the attack on Ukraine, says President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser. We are disappointed with the decisions of both China and India. While the US, Australia and Japan have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in response to the war against Ukraine, India has flatly refused and continues to import oil from Russia.

Relations with America will get complicated

He said New Delhi’s reaction to the attack was complicating its relationship with Washington. White House National Economic Council director Brian Disney’s remarks came after Deputy National Security Advisor Dalip Singh arrived in India last week for a meeting with officials.

Cooperation with India remains the same

Earlier in the week, Press Secretary Jen Saiki said that during the visit, Dalip Singh made it clear to his counterparts that he did not consider it in India’s interest to promote or increase imports of Russian energy and other goods. However, it was also stated that the US and other groupings of 7 countries would continue to cooperate with India. India and the United States cooperate extensively on food security and global energy. Let us tell you that India is the world’s largest buyer of Russian oil and weapons.