MissileRussia And the war between Ukraine has been going on for about a month and a half. Many modern weapons have been used in this war, including javelin missile Name is also included. Recently, there have been many attacks with spear missiles, which have been the subject of much discussion. It is being said that Ukraine is using the Javelin missile and Russia has suffered a lot due to this missile attack. Let us tell you that Ukraine had prepared its stock even before the war so that the Ukrainian army could respond to Russia.

In such a situation, today we are telling you about this dangerous missile used in Russia and Ukraine, which can wreak havoc on any army. So know about this missile, which is in discussion in Ukraine-Russia.

Why is the spear missile special?

In the Russo-Ukraine War, Ukraine is competing with the Russian army based on these missiles, causing the Russian army to retreat. If we talk about the features of this missile, then this missile is more discussed due to its low weight and lightness. According to reports, this missile can chase and destroy a target and it is considered the best weapon in ground combat. It can be easily used in ground combat, can be carried over the shoulder because of its low weight.

Also, this anti-tank missile is also special in terms of its speed. Actually, this missile can hit a target up to several meters in 14 seconds and its launcher can also work on day-night vision. These missiles can be used to strike above and directly and are attacked by infrared technology. In such a situation, it can be said that this missile proves to be dangerous in ground combat. This missile is considered the most effective against tanks. Javelin missiles are also used to destroy buildings and enemy positions.

Let us tell you, this missile is considered a gift from America. The United States has been using the missile since 1996. The US military has used the missile in the war in Afghanistan, the Iraq War, the Syrian War, and the Libyan War. The US military is said to have downed more than 5,000 Javelin missiles as of January 2019. In such a situation, Ukraine has expressed confidence in this missile and America has helped Ukraine with this missile.

Preparations were done before the war

Ukraine had prepared it before the war and America had already helped Ukraine with these missiles. In January, before the war, there were reports that the USA had sent 300 anti-tank Javelin missiles. These missiles were in great demand due to being man-portable. Although the missile is small, it can be used to destroy armored vehicles, tanks and bunkers.

What is the price?

If we talk about the cost of these missiles, then the price of 300 Javelin missiles is said to be 50 50 million. This means the US provided 50 million aid through 300 missiles and 100 million more missiles during the first war.