Moradabad, April 07 (H.S.). After the hike in toll tax rates, the fares of roadways buses may increase. Roadways have started drawing the blueprint by taking new fares. Data was being taken from the conductors of buses coming back to Moradabad and Brassnagri depots till late Wednesday night. More than 125 buses run from Moradabad area to seven depots Moradabad, Brassnagri, Rampur, Amroha, Chandpur, Bijnor, Najibabad to Delhi. The number of buses plying for Lucknow is also more than 25. A good number of buses also ply on various routes in Uttarakhand.

There are three tolls on the way to Moradabad Delhi. Due to the highway being under construction, the tax rates on Joya and Brajghat toll have not gone up. Apart from this, the rates on Dasna toll have increased. Due to this, information about the increased toll is being taken from the conductors of the buses. Based on this, the fare may increase by Rs.

At the same time, there are two ways to go from Moradabad to Lucknow. On going from Moradabad to Lucknow via Sitapur, there are four toll plazas. While there are three tolls on the way to Lucknow via Hardoi. Based on this, the fare from Moradabad to Lucknow can be increased by five rupees. The roadways management has not yet released the official list.

RM Deepak Chaudhary of Moradabad area says that the increased toll tax from Moradabad to Delhi and Lucknow will be divided according to the per passenger. Due to this, there can be a difference of about two rupees for Moradabad to Delhi and about five rupees for Lucknow.