GORAKHPUR, 07 APRIL (H.C.). On April 6, the police recovered 50 bundles of saris stolen from the shop of a person resident of Taramandal Road Rustampur and succeeded in arresting two. Police registered a case and sent both the accused to jail. Their arrest took place near GDA Manabela water tank at 8 o’clock on the night of 6 April.

According to the police, Akhilesh Mishra, son of Jaiprakash Mishra, resident of Birapur Kasaudhan, is a resident of Police Station Handia district Prayagraj. It currently resides in Karimnagar of Chiluatal Tehna area of ​​Gorakhpur. While the other is a resident of Ratanpur village of Thoothibari police station area of ​​Maharajganj Jale. It currently resides in Basharatpur under Shahpur police station area of ​​Horakhpur.

Please tell that Pramod Singh’s son Mahatam Singh lives in Rustampur located on the planetarium road. These journalists of Gorakhpur Development Authority run their shop in Puram Awasiya Yojna. On 6th April, 5 tonnes of Galant Marka bars were stolen from his shop. Then he lodged an FIR in Chiluatal police station. After this, the active police started to trace it. A team was formed under the leadership of the Inspector-in-Charge of Chiluatal for the recovery of the stolen goods and the accused. Inspector Sonendra Singh, along with his team, became active and took both the accused into custody on the night of 06 April. On their behest, 50 bundles of iron bars totaling about 5 tonnes were recovered.