Jhansi, April 07 (H.S.). District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar did a surprise inspection of the state library on Thursday. He saw the arrangements there and expressed his happiness over the orderly keeping of the books.

While inspecting the building of the Government Library, the District Magistrate directed to construct toilets for women readers and to repair the old building. He said that basic necessities must be ensured to all the readers who come here.

The District Magistrate visited the various books kept in the library, children’s library and Bundelkhand section etc. It was told by the Superintendent, Government Library that the location of the books has been recorded in the computer. When information is received by a person regarding reading a book, then where is that book kept in the cupboard, they are told on the basis of the location recorded in the computer. At the time of inspection, the District Magistrate expressed happiness that the handwritten books were found kept in a well-organized and safe red cloth.

During the inspection, the Superintendent of Government Library told the District Magistrate that people/shopkeepers were throwing filth near the Government Library, which pollutes the atmosphere of the library and also causes problems to the readers. The District Magistrate himself inspected it and found that due to the throwing of dirt by the people / shopkeepers, there is a very foul smell when the window of the Government Library is opened.

He directed the Municipal Magistrate to establish contact with the Municipal Corporation and do proper cleanliness around the library within two days and also directed that a board should be installed at the said place through the Municipal Corporation. It should be mentioned that throwing dirt at the said place is against the prescribed act of the Municipal Corporation. Action will be taken under the relevant Act prescribed in the Municipal Corporation for throwing dirt.

All the bills are paid from the office of the District School Inspector, but the Finance and Accounts Officer posted in the District School Inspector’s office pays the bills on time, as told by the Superintendent, Government Library to the District Magistrate. No action has been taken to leave, due to which the grant has been lapsed, the District Magistrate immediately instructed the District School Inspector to stop the salary of the concerned Accounts Officer without delay and get the matter investigated.

During the inspection, the District Magistrate found that many such books are kept in the library, which are based on the history of Bundelkhand, Veerangana Maharani Laxmibai, Bundeli poetry, literature and places of interest in Bundelkhand. He directed the Superintendent Government Library that a list of 20 to 25 such books should be prepared and made available to the Municipal Magistrate, so that to increase the knowledge and interest of the students for their studies, they should be kept in the library being developed in the villages of the district. Can go