GHAZIPUR, 07 APRIL (H.C.). Mahamandaleshwar Swami Bhavani Nandan Yati Maharaj, 26th Peetadhipati of Siddhapeeth Shasham Math said that there is a strong relationship between the devotee and God. Whether it is a god or a devotee, everyone is hungry for true love. This applies to us saints as well. Huge crowd of devotees remained engaged throughout the day for worshiping at Kalidham.

Mahamandaleshwar said these things during a meeting with letter representatives on Thursday during the ongoing Navratri festival at the famous Kalidham temple, Hariharpur. Praising the journalists of the district, Swami Bhavanandan said that the journalists of the district are very comfortable and calm, which is rarely seen elsewhere. He said that this district is famous for Sant Parampara, Desh Parampara and Kisan Parampara.

He said that a living being who converts resolve into an option never succeeds. With a strong determination, even the most difficult tasks can be completed easily. If the shadow of saints and sages falls on the living being, then their life gets improved. He said that along with the service of the poor and downtrodden, one should remember the Lord. It brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Mahamandaleshwar distributed prasad in the form of blessings to the letter representatives and wished them for their bright future.