Mirzapur, 07 April (H.S.). Six bighas of bigha wheat standing crop was burnt to ashes due to fire in the field due to electric short circuit on Thursday afternoon.

In West Siwan of Jagdishpur village on Sherwan Gauri Biar Bhai Marg of Jamalpur police station area, four wheat crop of farmer Jagdish Singh and about two bighas of Rambriksha Singh got burnt due to short circuit in the wire installed in the electric pole. Both the farmers have cultivated by taking land on sharing. HT line of 11 thousand voltage has been passed over the field, which is in a very dilapidated condition. The department has been told repeatedly to rectify this.


But the department did not pay attention. Hundreds of people gathered in the village and got control of the fire by plowing with buckets, wooden brooms, tractor plowing ahead of the fire area. Still, about 6 bighas of wheat crop of two farmers got burnt. Wheat, gram, lentils etc. crops of many farmers are lying in the barn and in the field. Due to the prompt control of the fire by the villagers, a huge loss of public and money was saved. On information about the fire, Chaudhary Ramesh Singh, the convener of Annadata Manch, reached the spot immediately and demanded compensation from the officials to the farmers.