Banda, 07 April (H.S.). After the fulfillment of the wish of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to become the Chief Minister again, two devotees had traveled 250 km before reaching Lucknow and apprised the government of their problems. As soon as he returned to his village, there was a flurry of gifts from the Chief Minister. Earlier they were given land and now orders have been given to build houses on it. Due to which both the devotees are very happy with the government.

Jaipal and Munnilal, residents of Hazaripur village under Naraini tehsil, had taken a pledge in 2022, demanding Yogi Adityanath to become the Chief Minister again, that if Yogi becomes the Chief Minister again, he will lie down and travel till Dandwat. His wish was fulfilled. On fulfillment of both the wishes, after lying 250 km from their village to Lucknow, they reached Lucknow and took their problem to the government.

Seeing their hard penance, the government has also become kind to them, as soon as both the devotees returned to the village 3 days ago, in the same way, the commissioner of Chitrakoot Dham Mandal, Dinesh Kumar Singh reached Hazaripur village to meet them and 120- 120 to the families of both the devotees. Get the land leases approved for the square meter dwelling and sanctioned the construction of toilets from the Panchayat fund. Along with this, their unit was increased by checking the ration card. In which Munilal was given 55 kg ration at the rate of 11 units and Jaipal was given 65 kg ration at the rate of 13 units. After receiving this gift, both the devotees were grateful to the government. But still the government is kind to them.

In this regard, Chitrakoot Dham Mandal Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Singh said that Munilal’s son Chunilal and Jaipal’s son Motilal resident of village Hazaripur block Mahua had gone to meet the Chief Minister on March 24. Who returned back to their village on 3 April. I had sent a report about them to the Chief Minister’s residence. The Chief Minister has given instructions to both of them to sanction housing under the Chief Minister’s Housing Scheme.

In this regard, on Thursday, Chief Secretary, Chief Minister Sanjay Prasad, while giving instructions over the phone, has been asked to construct his residence. The commissioner has sent a letter in this regard to the District Officer Banda, saying that while approving their houses under the Chief Minister’s Housing Scheme, money should be sent to their account and they should be constructed.