Photo-4 Mining
Mining officers run away after complaining, villagers do not listen to villagers, make serious allegations
Villagers appealed to DM to fill 200 cubic meters of soil removed from the roads
Villagers are facing huge problems due to soil mining on the way
After the formation of the BJP government again in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has created a stir in the state by taking action against the land mafia, mining mafia and criminals. Despite all the complaints of mining in Unnao district, no major action against the mining mafia is a matter of discussion.
According to the information, mining mafia has done illegal mining by running JCB on government and farmers’ land in Magarwara area under Sarosi block of the district. Among the villagers, Usha Jaiswal’s wife Devi Prasad, who lives in Magarwara area, has told that she has a farm near Magarwara station, in which the government corridor has gone to the side. There, the mining mafia has illegally excavated the soil. Due to which the road has been blocked, which he complained to the BDO and mining officer of Sarosi block along with the villagers, but no departmental action was taken on his complaint. Usha Jaiswal, among the villagers who complained, told that they complained to the police station officer many times but the mining officer did not listen to them, as soon as he goes to us in the officer’s office, the mining officer leaves the office on an excuse and on his complaint. Do not pay any attention to the mining mafias Similarly, the JCB and the dumper were released and mining started again. Complainant woman Usha Jaiswal told that about 200 cubic meters have been mined. In the said case, information was also sought under the Right to Information Act, in which it was found that a total of 100 bighas in the field and government were cut at a depth of 25 to 30 feet. handed over to the Tehsildar. In the above case, the court in the Chief Judicial Magistrate, against illegal miner Ravi Singh son Amar Singh resident Sahjani in illegal mining of ordinary soil, section 4 and 21 of the Mines and Minerals (Development Regulation) Act 1957 and 3 of the Uttar Pradesh Minor Minerals (Avoidance) Rules, 1963. And under 57, the complaint case was filed on 3/10/2021. The complainant woman Usha Jaiswal said that in the above case, the mining officers are doing a cover-up, continuously misleading the district administration by putting fake reports in the name of investigation. The woman has asked the District Magistrate to take strict action against the mining mafia who are doing illegal mining and to fill the dug pit so that the villagers do not have to face problems in traffic, in this case DM Ravindra Kumar told the city Magistrate has been ordered to investigate. In this case, the city magistrate said that action will be taken against those who are guilty in this case as per rules.
Report; Yogendra Gautam