King Cobra Viral Video: A heart-wrenching video is going viral on social media in which a snake rescuer is seen helping the world’s most venomous snake King Cobra. The incident happened a few months back, though it has resurfaced on the internet.


The king cobra was found caught in a fishing net and a bundle of leaves on New Year’s Day near a rice paddy in eastern India. When the local villagers found the trapped snake, they called the snake rescuer Mirza Arif.


In a video uploaded to YouTube by ‘The Dodo’, the snake rescuer is caught with a stick and carried to an open area. Meanwhile, the King Cobra raises its funk in a defensive position. After sometime the snake starts resting.


Mirza Arif then brings a big bottle of Sprite to the cobra which is filled with water and helps the snake to drink from it. The snake opens its mouth wide and can be seen swallowing water which the rescuer helps it to drink. After quenching its thirst, the snake relaxes completely and the man easily puts it in a plastic box.

Mirza Arif uses scissors to cut the fishing net off the cobra and some villagers help her catch it safely. After being freed from the trap, the snake was later released near the area where it was found.

Watch the viral video below: