stomach gas relief Remedy: Gas formation in the stomach is common but many people have to face this problem daily. Sometimes this problem becomes so severe that there is pain in the chest and head. If you often have more gas in your stomach, then you should not ignore it.

This can lead to many more problems. There can be many reasons for the formation of gas, so let us know why this gas is formed.

Breathing through the mouth – If you often have gas problems, then one of the reasons may also be that you breathe through your mouth. As a result, more air reaches the stomach and the problem of gas starts.

Poor diet – Including more sugary, fiber and starchy foods in the diet can lead to more gas in the stomach.

Carbonated drinks – Carbonated drinks like coke, soda and beer can cause flatulence.

Constipation and Slow Digestion – If you are already constipated and the food is being digested slowly, it can lead to gas in your stomach.

Bad Habits – If you have a habit of chewing candy or chewing gum, it can cause gas in your stomach, because you swallow more air while chewing it.

So let’s know some easy home remedies to avoid flatulence.

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in lemon juice and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

You can also get rid of this problem by drinking lukewarm water or herbal tea.

Stomach problems can be overcome by the consumption of black pepper.

You can also drink milk mixed with black pepper.

Drinking black salt and carom seeds mixed in the shade also gives great relief from the problem of gas.

Garlic can also get rid of the problem of gas.

Boiling mint leaves and drinking it reduces gas.

Fennel and apple cider vinegar are very helpful in the problem of gas.