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Corona’s deadly XE variant finally arrived in Mumbai, here are its symptoms


Corona XE virus symptoms: Cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in some countries. New cases are coming up in many countries including China and France. The increasing number of cases in the country is a matter of concern for the people. The XE variant made up of sub-variants BA.1 and BA.2 of Omicron variants of Corona is warning of danger. Experts say that the new strain is spreading 10 times faster. (Corona virus found in Mumbai)

XE Variant Hit in Mumbai

Now the first patient has also been found in Mumbai. This has increased the panic. So Mumbaikars need to be more careful now. The first case of a new type of corona XE in India has been found in Mumbai. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has given this information. According to the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, 228 omechron patients were found in 230 samples. One case was found to be of fast spreading XE type and the other of cut type.

Corona affects different people in different ways. Till now, the common symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, loss of taste or strong smell were observed in the patients. But now it also includes new symptoms.


9 new symptoms related to corona

loss of appetite,
sore throat
body pain,
to feel sick ,
Shortness of breath,
running nose

The above symptoms are included in the official list of symptoms of corona infection. In such a situation, when these symptoms appear, then the person should stay at home. At the same time, without delay, consult a doctor.

Patients with these symptoms of corona also have brain fog, delirium, anxiety and skin problems.


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