Our representative in the United Nations Security Council, T.S. Tirumurti’s statement about Ukraine yesterday will not only improve India’s image in world politics, it may also inspire Russia to shed its animalism. It is condemned in two words. They demanded that the massacre should be investigated and stopped immediately. He did not name the massacre Russia. He did take this precaution, but it is clear that he has criticized the atrocities of the Russian army as harshly as America and European countries are doing.

This criticism of India may not have any effect on Russia, but India’s neutrality will no longer be understood by the nations of the world as India’s dumbness. Although in many international forums, whenever Russia was opposed, India did not vote in its support, but every time it said that every nation should respect the United Nations Declaration, protect the security and sovereignty of every country and protect its sovereignty. Disputes should be resolved through dialogue, not war. Tirumurti has reiterated the same thing as soon as he spoke on the massacre of Boocha.

I think that this latest attitude of India must have put some ointment on America’s wound, because America’s leaders and officials are repeatedly urging India to adopt an anti-Russian attitude and declare Western sanctions against Russia. Apply also. Both these requests of Western nations are futile. They are the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world. What is the effect of their condemnation? Similar work was done by the US in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Vietnam and Korea.

Ukrainian President Zhelensky in his address to the Security Council has said that if the United Nations cannot protect Ukraine, why should it not be dissolved. As far as sanctions are concerned, this is also pure hypocrisy, as Russian oil and gas is still being bought by European nations indiscriminately. But the way Putin’s Russia is destroying various cities of Ukraine, Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany did not do the same. 300 bodies have been found in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. One gets goosebumps seeing them on TV channels. Houses, shops and offices have been burnt to ashes.

Putin’s spokesman says that all these stories are fabricated. These are fake pictures of a week after Butcha was evacuated by Russian forces. Who wouldn’t be angry at this stupidity of the Russian spokesperson? If the Russian genocide continues like this, the image of Putin and Russia will fall in the world as much as Mussolini and Hitler did not. India’s opposition to making Boocha a slaughterhouse is fine, but someone should explain to Putin that if this cruelty continues, then countries like China and India should not open their mouth against it.