banking services: Online banking has made it easier and more convenient for you to transact. UPI, Net Banking, Mobile Wallets have made money transactions as easy as possible. (online banking)

Many people complain that money was sent to someone else’s account. It’s just a lie that the ground beneath your feet slips away. Because the issue here is money. (net banking)

How to get your money back?
First of all, inform your bank if any money has been transferred to your account without any confusion during online money transaction. Call the customer care number and tell them the type.


The bank will often ask for information in this matter via email. complete it. Mention the date, time, account number and details of the account in which the transaction took place.

If the money goes to the wrong account, inform the bank branch manager. That’s because it gives you an idea of ​​which city your money has gone to. This is where the refund process starts.


Based on the information provided by you, the bank notifies the person to whom the account has been inadvertently transferred and requests a refund.

During this, if the person refuses to return the money, then a case will be registered against him in the court.

In this case of non-refund, all these rights are related to the violation of the rules of the Reserve Bank.

You get a message when you send money from your account to another. In which an appeal is also made to give information on the number given if this transaction is wrong.

RBI has instructed all the banks to take immediate action if their money is transferred to another account by mistake. Bank will be solely responsible for transferring your money from wrong account to right account.