Mumbai: Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s road show was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This time the Prime Minister appeared in a different style. He wore a saffron cap in the roadshow. Which became the focal point of everyone’s attraction. No BJP leader has ever worn this cap before. The Prime Minister was wearing the party cap. Which has started the discussion of this hat. BJP’s symbol is also lotus on this saffron cap. Also, BJP is written on it in Hindi and Gujarati. Let us now find out with this much-loved hat.

This special saffron cap is made in a textile mill in Surat. Sanjay Saravgi, owner of a Surat textile mill, which makes saffron caps for the Bharatiya Janata Party, said the special cap was made by Gujarat state BJP president CR Patil and given to Prime Minister Modi.

Surat, the financial capital of Gujarat, is also known as the Textile City. The sarees and other types of garments made here are shipped all over the country and the world. Sanjay Sarogi, a Surat-based textile trader, is also a saree manufacturer and owner of Lakshmipati Saree Group.


Sanjay Sarogi’s textile mill is currently manufacturing orange caps along with sarees. Mill workers are working day and night to make saffron caps made by BJP.

Sanjay Sarogi, chairman of the cap maker Lakshmipati Group, said the idea of ​​the cap was given to him by Gujarat state BJP president CR Patil, who made the cap. After that State BJP President CR Patil handed over the cap to Prime Minister Modi.


It is a matter of pride for them that the Prime Minister wore a cap made in his factory during the Ahmedabad roadshow.

Sanjay Sarogi, who made this saffron cap for BJP, told that special fabric has been used to make this cap. The fabric is colored saffron by using chemicals. The specialty of this cap is that the head will not sweat after wearing this cap and it can be worn easily. The saffron cap has ‘BJP’ written in Gujarati and Hindi. Lotus flower is also printed on it.

Gujarati language caps will be worn in Gujarat, while Hindi language caps have been made for BJP MPs across the country. Gujarat State BJP President CR Patil has given these caps to the BJP MPs of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders wear caps during a roadshow in Ahmedabad. After that BJP workers are seen wearing this cap of party programs. Assembly elections are going to be held in Gujarat this year too, in such a situation, BJP can use these caps fiercely during the election campaign.