New Delhi: Lemonade, considered to be the common man’s soft drink in summers, has become a staple in the scorching heat of the desert state, as lemons were sold for around Rs 400 in Jaipur on Wednesday. The price of lemon in Jaipur was Rs 340 per kg on Tuesday, which increased by Rs 60 in 24 hours on Wednesday.

Inder Gujjar, a vegetable vendor said, ‚ÄúThere is limited production of lemon here and hence there is limited supply of lemon here. Besides, the sharp rise in the price of diesel has affected the normal supply of lemons from other states and hence the higher rates.”


A lemon is selling for Rs 30 in Jaipur giving nightmares to the middle class who are used to drinking lemonade in the afternoon when the temperature here usually crosses 40 degree Celsius.

The Meteorological Department has already given a heat wave warning for the next four days. The temperature here remains around 40 degrees. Mukta Mittal, who went to buy vegetables on Wednesday, said that the lemon being sold for Rs 400 a kg in such hot weather has given us a big blow.


He said that everyone is worried about the prices of petrol and diesel and not about these basic vegetables which have become so expensive.

Vegetable vendors say, “The prices of lemons have increased significantly due to the rising temperature. For the last two weeks, the price of lemon was in the range of Rs 140-150 per kg, which suddenly increased to Rs 220-400 per kg.


With the rise in mercury, people have started using lemon more, due to which there is a huge jump in their prices. In the local mandis, shopkeepers are giving one or two lemons worth Rs 30. The demand for lemon has increased since last several days.

Traders in local mandis say that the prices of vegetables generally jump during the summer season. But many other factors are responsible for the rise in lemon prices at this point of time. The biggest reason for this is believed to be the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. With the increase in fuel, the cost of transportation has increased and the prices of vegetables are also seeing an increase.

Meanwhile, agricultural scientists said that the production of lemon crop has been affected due to unseasonal rains and change in weather. There is now a demand for lemons in the summer, due to which the prices have increased and the supply remains short.

Not only is it hurting the middle class, but ginger, which is mostly recommended for tea during the pandemic, is being sold at Rs 80-100 per kg.

Also, bhindi, beans etc. are at an equally high price and are available at Rs 120 per kg.