Refugees are people who take refuge in another country because of the fear of their country’s poor condition, war, political upheaval. Where they do not get citizenship and do not want to go to their original country. Many people leave their country and look for ways to protect themselves in other countries. They cross the border and reach other countries. Now the question is how many such people are there in India. How many Indian nationals are seeking asylum in other countries? So the answer is 46,000 refugees are registered in the UNHCR book.

46,000 in India
Refugees According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees – UNHCR, as of 31 January 2022, more than 46,000 refugees and asylum seekers have been registered in India. These are mainly from Myanmar and Afghanistan. Refugees and asylum seekers in India mainly live in urban areas. 46% of refugees are women and girls and 36% are children.

India has been hosting various refugee groups for decades and seeking solutions for many who have been forcibly displaced. UNHCR supports government efforts to help refugees in 11 states. He works closely with various charitable organizations including NGOs.

17,933 Sri Lankan refugees return home
According to the report, between 2002 and February 2022, 17,933 Sri Lankan refugees returned home voluntarily with the help of the UNHCR. India is a trusted partner, ensuring that those in need of assistance have space and security.


UNHCR is working in India since 1981 UNHCR
Working for the protection of refugees and asylum seekers in India since 1981. UNHCR, supported by the Government of India, works with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, NITI Aayog, NGOs based in 11 states of India. Recently, violence and instability in neighboring countries has led to an increase in the number of UNHCR asylum seekers in India seeking to register and seek assistance.