Mumbai: The XE variant of Omicron has entered India. The first case of the XE variant in India is spreading 10 times faster than Omicron reported in Mumbai. According to reports, the XE variant is said to be a hybrid of two subtypes BA.1 and BA.2 of Omicron. The XE variant was recently discovered in the United Kingdom.

One case of XE variant and one case of Kappa surfaced
The BMC said that samples of some people were taken for genome sequencing of corona virus. A total of 376 corona infected samples were sent to the lab. After this the report of 230 samples came. Of these, 228 cases were of the Omicron variant. One case each of the kappa variant and the “xe” variant has been reported.

Out of all these patients, 21 patients have been admitted to the hospital. Of these, 12 had not received a single dose of corona vaccine, while 9 had received the first dose of corona vaccine. However, it was a matter of relief that none of them were kept on oxygen support or ICU.


According to the data released by BMC, out of these 230 patients, only 1 female patient Death has happened. However, he had some serious stomach problems. The woman was 47 years old and had taken both doses of the corona vaccine. With these figures, the people of BMC have been advised to be cautious. In which instructions have been given to wear masks, follow social distancing and hygiene in crowded areas.

Restrictions have been lifted in Maharashtra.
Let us inform that earlier the Maharashtra government had decided to remove all restrictions related to Corona. The government said that now almost all the restrictions related to Corona have been removed. Citizens were also advised to wear masks, but asked to remove the fine for not wearing a mask. Earlier, a fine of Rs 200 was imposed for not wearing a mask.

Mumbai is one of the cities in the country that has been most affected by Corona. Now here once again the new variant of Corona has done the job of raising concern.