Covid XE Variant in India: On Wednesday, two new variants were confirmed simultaneously in Mumbai amid the decline in cases of corona infection in the country. Patients of Corona Kappa and XE variants have been found in Mumbai. Samples of some people were taken for genome sequencing of the virus. Samples of 376 corona infected were sent to the lab, out of which 230 samples were found positive. Of these, 228 cases of Omicron variants have been reported. In this case one case emerged from the Kappa variant and one from the ‘XE’ variant.

Who is positive with the XE variant and what are the features?

A woman has been found infected with the XE variant. The 50-year-old woman is a citizen of South Africa. He has taken both the doses of corona vaccine. The good news is that at present the patient has no symptoms. The woman is said to have come to India from South Africa on February 10.

The patient’s report came negative after coming to India. On March 2, the report of the Kovid test came positive in the routine investigation. After coming back positive, the patient was kept in isolation in the hotel. The next day, on March 3, the patient again took a COVID test with a negative report.


The BMC official said that it appears that the exe mutant subtype of Omicron is 10 times more contagious than ba.2. As of now, BA.2 is considered to be the most contagious of all forms of COVID-19. The format of Omicron changed to the ba.1 and ba.2 XE formats. As per preliminary study, the growth rate of XE is 9.8 percent as compared to BA.2. It is also difficult to identify during investigation, hence it is called ‘stealth variant’. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the modified form may be more contagious than the previous forms.