Bhilai Nagar, 6th April (H.S.). Union Minister of State for Jal Shakti and Food Processing Prahlad Singh Patel reached Bhilai on his two-day stay to campaign in favor of the party in Khairagarh by-election. While discussing with Hindustan News at the residence of former minister Prem Prakash Pandey on Wednesday, he said that the Ministry of Food Processing of the country Within the country, from the point of view of the states, the food that is liked by the people, efforts are being made to sell it at the inter-state and international level.

He said that there were two challenges before us, marketing and branding, our companies are not at the world level. There were a lot of rumors about the second parameter, we give fat, sweet lot feed. For the first time, the Government of India has given Rs 1100 crore under the PLAI scheme. For the first time, the budget has been increased by 137 percent. All the things we export, how should we brand those things in the world in a better way. The second Kisan Sampada Yojana, which has 8 components from Mega Food Park, Mini Food Park to everything. The 8 component also has APC. Earlier we used to run 8 schemes. In which potatoes, onions and tomatoes were included. We have increased that to 22. In which fruits have increased, vegetables have increased, so that what the farmer produces, he gets direct profit. We doubled this number in the middle of the Corona period. Due to which the number increased to 41, in self-reliant India.

The Union Minister said that it seems to me that there is no one part of which we do not think about development in a comprehensive manner. I am grateful to the Prime Minister that the budget has been increased by him and on the other hand, Rs 1100 crore has been given for only one scheme. In this, the farmers will get the benefit of all the FPOs to the traders. The forest area in Chhattisgarh is 44 percent. Regarding setting up of food processing unit in Chhattisgarh, Minister Shri Patel said that 24 lakh food processing groups are working all over the country. It has been announced in this budget that we will give 10 thousand crores to two lakh groups, we will upgrade them. But the subject on which we are talking about forest produce, the ministry is already working on it. But these groups can also take advantage of this scheme. The group that works in the Ministry of Food Processing. If he takes a loan from the bank, then he gets a subsidy of 35 percent. There is generally little information that state governments should provide to the group and its workers.

Regarding the objective of Jal Shakti Abhiyan, Shri Patel said that both Jal Shakti Abhiyan and Jal Jeevan Mission are parallel works. Both have started from 2019, water reached every household in Jal Jeevan Mission and reached within the stipulated time limit, according to which states have agreed, the calendar has also been prepared by our ministry. As a result of that Goa, Haryana has achieved its target in Telangana. Jal Shakti Abhiyan means water has been given in your house. Now that water will flow and go down through gray water, will we be able to manage it if it will go towards any water source? If you will be able to make good use of it, according to the slope, it will go towards the water source only. I think whether it is the gram panchayat or the state government, they have to decide. Second, the ground water situation is that the groundwater that we had in the 90s, the world scale says that India has exploited it the most. Putting as much as we take out will not work, but think about putting more than that, the Prime Minister has said. Effectively in this mission, I would request that the person who has a family, should put water in his house, inside the ground. Pour it in a pure way. For this, the Panchayat should manage the water collectively and these things should continue in the future.