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What is the secret of HDFC’s success?

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The merger of HDFC Ltd with HDFC Bank has to be viewed seriously at several levels. Every person in India who dreams of his own house, thinks about taking housing loan from HDFC Bank beforehand. Secondly, HDFC Bank has become the first choice of the youth of the country. If you are not sure, then stand for some time in an HDFC Bank branch and see what is the general profile of the customer there.

It is now believed that after the merger, HDFC Bank will overtake Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to become the second largest company in India. But how many people know that HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh and Aditya Puri, who was the Managing Director of HDFC Bank till some time ago, have played a special role in writing the story of this success.

Deepak Parekh handed over the reins of HDFC Bank to Aditya Puri. Aditya Puri was then working in Citibank in Malaysia. Aditya Puri found it challenging to set up a new bank. He rightly considered leaving the illustrious job at Citibank to take a job in a brand new bank as a challenging opportunity. After that Aditya Puri set up HDFC Bank. He established HDFC Bank as one of the best banks in the country. Aditya Puri retired before the merger of HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd. But, he produced many worthy successors of his own. Teach them the qualities of captaincy. That’s why the transfer of power there happened with pleasure.

HDFC Bank is moving ahead even after Aditya Puri’s departure. The merger of HDFC Bank with HDFC Ltd is also testimony to this. In fact, the identity of a party, family and institution is from its captain. He gives direction and he has a vision. But alas, not all banks or other institutions get quality people like Aditya Puri or Deepak Parekh at the top. A lot of potential was being seen in Rana Kapoor too. He was the chairman of Yes Bank. But due to Rana Kapoor’s negligence and corruption, Yes Bank almost drowned. Last year, the Reserve Bank of India had fixed the maximum limit for withdrawing money from Yes Bank. Rana Kapoor ate Yes Bank by scratching. But in the end, when their pot of sin is filled, they are in jail. Meaning they failed to take Yes Bank to the level of HDFC Bank. Or he didn’t even try, his greed kept getting his bank in the dust.

Now let’s talk about ICICI Bank as well. Its MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar also defrauded the bank a lot. Kochhar gave loans to Videocon by defying the rules. In the end, she too got caught in her own web and went to jail.

In fact, during the last few years, many eminent bankers of the country were trapped due to their own misdeeds. A case of corruption was also registered against Archana Bhargava, former chairman and managing director (CMD) of United Bank of India (UBI). Archana Bhargava was accused that in the year 2011 as the Executive Director of Canara Bank and in 2013 as the CMD of United Bank of India, she got loans openly to companies that deal with the companies of her husband and son. She was eating commission through husband and son. On the other hand, Syndicate Bank CMD SK. Jain was arrested for taking a bribe of Rs 50 lakh.

The bottom line is that without efficient leadership no institution can touch the heights. Every institution should continue to get just and hardworking leadership. A good captain is one who encourages his hardworking teammates and does not discourage even those who are nineteen in his work. Giving information about the merger of HDFC Bank and HDFC Limited, Deepak Parekh said that now his age has crossed 75. Therefore, they will no longer be a part of the new company in any form. That is, that person will not be part of the new company formed after the merger of HDFC Bank-HDFC Limited, which is in a way its parent. But this is the cycle of time. It is therefore necessary that the top executives of all companies and institutions should prepare their potential successors.

Look, there is an age for everyone’s active career. After that he has to leave his post. Therefore, it would be better if the promoter, chairman, managing director or a person holding a responsible position of a company should prepare one or more successors. The growth of a company or organization is not affected by getting a skilled successor. The transfer of power takes place without any crisis or disruption. You can advise the company as a mentor or mentor even after you step down from the post of Shikhar or say Chairman.

Ratan Tata has distanced himself from the day-to-day operations of the Tata group since 2017. But the top leadership of Tata group companies take advice from Ratan Tata while taking their important decisions. The Tata group is said to have consulted Air India even before taking over. When he gave the green signal, the Tata group took over Air India. Needless to say, Deepak Palekh will not be directly associated with the company that will emerge after the merger of HDFC Bank-HDFC Ltd, but the company will continue to take advantage of his experience. Now the country also takes the advice of its former army chiefs in emergency situations. After all, there can never be a substitute for experience.


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