Rahu-ketu-1024x576After Saturn, Rahu-Ketu is the only planet that moves the slowest. Not only this, these planets always move in opposite directions and their inauspicious position causes a lot of trouble in a person’s life. That’s why Rahu-Ketu is said to be a sin planet. Rahu-Ketu zodiac is going to change on 12th April this year. Their zodiac change will be very auspicious for the people of 5 zodiac signs.


The transit of Rahu and Ketu will bring good news for the people of Aries. They will progress in their career. There will be a lot of money gain. You will be able to create a good bank balance. During this time they should avoid unnecessary disputes.
The change of Rahu Ketu in April will increase the confidence of the people of this zodiac. Their income will increase. Go on a pleasant journey. There will be happiness in the family too. Overall, this time will be good from every point of view.
For the natives, this time will bring happiness, prosperity and respect. There will be success in work. This time will also be good for job and business. Just don’t lose patience.
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Rahu-Ketu zodiac changes will benefit the people of wealth. Although expenses will also increase but income will be more than this. will travel New avenues of progress will open. Happiness will knock in life.
Rahu-Ketu transit will increase the income of Capricorn natives. Money can be received from mother. There are chances of going on a journey. If you keep your anger under control, then this time will benefit you a lot.