There are many such remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra, which eliminates the negative energy of the house. There is an increase in wealth, wealth, happiness, peace, prosperity etc. in the house. One of these measures is the picture of seven running white horses. Let’s learn how to use them properly.

According to Vastu Shastra, if there is an atmosphere of unrest, discord, trouble or discord in the house, then you should put a picture of seven white horses in your house. According to Vastu Shastra, this eliminates the negative energy of the house and the atmosphere of the house is filled with enthusiasm.

Seven numbers are considered very auspicious and fruitful in Vastu Shastra. This seven number is related to many auspicious works like the seven white horses of the chariot of the sun, the seven rishis, the seven colors of the bow of Indra and the seven rounds etc. That is why these seven white colored horses are considered a symbol of auspiciousness.

If you are troubled by financial constraints, then place the statue of seven horses running in white color in such a place in the house where your eyes are always there. It is believed that doing this brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house and there is never any loss of money.

At this time if you are doing work from home and feeling tired or tired from any other work then see white horses running on the east side wall in home or office. Take a picture It is believed that by doing this your mind will be engaged and your chances of promotion will increase.

If you are facing any kind of negative energy problem in your home. That’s why you should put a picture of white horses in your living room. According to the beliefs of Vastu Shastra, doing this will remove all the negativity in your house. A running horse is considered a symbol of positive energy, enthusiasm and progress.