Navratri 2022: fifth day of navratri (Chaitra Navratri 2022) Dedicated to Skandmata. Skandmata on this day Pooja 2022 Is performed. Skandmata is considered to be another form of Goddess Parvati. His name was Skandamata because of his son’s name being Skanda Kumar. According to the scriptures, Skandmata destroys negative energies and brings happiness and prosperity in life. Hence Navratri fifth day Worship, mantra and fast stories of Skandmata.

Shubh Muhurta

Brahma Muhurta: Goraj from 4:34 am to 5:20 pm Shamvijay 6:29 to 6:53 pm
Muhurta: 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm Ravi Yoga: 7:40 pm to 7 pm: 05 pm of 07 April

Worship Rituals and Mantras of Skandamata

First of all get up and take bath in the divine moment. Then wear yellow clothes and sit in front of the idol or idol of Skandmata. Offer yellow flowers and garlands to the goddess. Light a lamp in front of the idol of the goddess and recite the fast story. After this, the aarti of the goddess should be done by chanting the mantra.

mantra ,
Or Goddess Sarvabhuteshu Matrirupena Sanstha.

Simhasangata Nityam Padmashritkardvay Shubhadastu Sad Devi Skandmata Yashaswini.

Skandmatechi Aarti

Jai Teri Ho Skanda Mata,
Your fifth name comes.
Everyone lost their lives,
The world is the mother of all.
Let me keep your flame burning,
I will always take care of you.
Called you by many names,
I have one support for you.
Somewhere there is a camp on the mountains,
Your shelter in many cities.
In every temple, your eyes sang the virtues,
Your dear friend.
Give me your strength
Make me bad
Inder got all the deities,
Call through you.
When the evil Dutta climbed up,
You yourself raise your hand.
Came to save the slaves forever,
Chaman’s hope came to worship.

Know the story of Mother Skandmata’s fast

According to religious beliefs, there was a demon named Tarakasur. He got a boon from Brahma by fasting hard that his end would be through the son of Mahadev. Tarakasur thought that Mahadev would not get married and he would not have any son. So he is immortal. When Tarakasura created panic in the world of the gods, all the gods requested Mahadev to marry her. Mahadev married Mother Parvati and gave birth to a son named Skandakumar and he killed Tarakasur.