indian hockey stars join white card campaign_557

BHUBANESWAR, 06 APRIL (H.C.). On the occasion of International Sports Day (April 6) Indian hockey players join the #WhiteCard campaign to support the sports movement through peace. Like various colored cards in the sporting world, the white card is a symbol of promotion of worldwide peace efforts.

Joining the global initiative, Indian women’s hockey team goalkeeper Savita said, “Sports has the potential to unite and inspire a generation. Let’s celebrate International Sports Day for Development and Peace through this amazing #WhiteCard initiative for sports movement.”

Meanwhile, defender Deep Grace Ekka said that sport is the biggest example of women empowerment. We are extremely happy to see that our success stories have inspired a new generation of women. Sports is the biggest example of women empowerment.

Veteran forward Rani said, “The game has the ability to overcome obstacles. It teaches us to look beyond race, caste and religious differences. Nothing unites people like sports. It has the real power to empower mankind. Let’s celebrate International Sports Day. My #WhiteCard is for the sports movement through peace.”

Indian men’s hockey team defender Amit Rohidas also joined the annual campaign. He said, “Sports has not only given me confidence, but it has also made me a better person. It also teaches valuable life lessons. Let’s celebrate the role of sport in promoting peace.”

Midfielder Manpreet Singh said that sport makes the world a better place. Manpreet said, “Sports plays a major role in the society. It empowers everyone. It brings people together and makes the world a better place. Join me in celebrating International Sports Day for Development and Peace.”

Indian women’s hockey midfielder Navjot Kaur and forward Navneet Kaur also joined the #WhiteCard campaign.