Mumbai: Tamil superstar Vijay’s new film ‘Beast’ is all set to release. Fans are excited about this film even before the film hits the big screen. Meanwhile, Kuwait has banned the film. This means that the people there will not be able to enjoy the ‘beast’. The film Nelson is directed by Dilip Kumar and is a hostage drama. In which Vijay will be seen in the lead role.

Earlier, the film portrayed Muslim characters as terrorists in the film Ban. was also painted. The Beast has been banned by the Kuwaiti government. Earlier, similar restrictions were imposed on Dulquer, ‘Ugly’ and ‘FIR’.

Such films are not allowed
In the movie ‘Ugly’ it was shown that a thug is taking shelter in Kuwait. The FIR had a story related to Muslim terrorism. In fact, films depicting Arab countries as terrorist havens are not allowed in Kuwait. Many people from South India live in Kuwait and they are eagerly waiting for the release of the film on 13th April.


The government has termed this film against the interests of the country. Although the film was banned by Kuwait, it has been recognized in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Arab countries. Judging by the trailer of the film, it is a huge hit. Millions of people have seen it till now. Vijay has a huge fan following in the Middle East. Therefore, the ban on the film will have an effect on the box office collection of films outside India.