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European Union took a big step against Russia, Moscow retaliated


European Union member states are outraged by the massacre of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. In the past 48 hours, several countries have expelled more than 120 Russian diplomats. Most of these diplomats are accused of spying for Russia. Countries that have expelled Russian diplomats include Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden, Germany and France.

The European Union (EU) today announced new sanctions against Russia, including a ban on coal imports worth more than $3 billion. However, sanctions on Russian gas and oil supplies could not be announced due to opposition from Germany and Austria.

These countries expelled Russian diplomats

Italy expelled 15 other Russian diplomats on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, France ordered 25 Russian diplomats to leave the country. On the same day, Germany expelled 40 Russian diplomats. Russia reacted sharply to the expulsion of its diplomats, saying “we will retaliate”. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office has called it a “short-sighted move”. The Kremlin says that this could complicate the process of negotiations with European countries.

Russia threatens retaliation

“We see this in a negative light,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. We regret that the medium of diplomatic communication is being limited in such difficult circumstances. “This is a short-sighted move that will first and foremost complicate our dialogue, which is essential for reconciliation,” he said. Secondly, retaliation can be taken in return.

Pressure on EU to act after Bucha massacre

European countries are under increasing pressure to take action against Russia after bodies were found on the streets of Buka near the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Ukrainian officials said bodies of at least 410 civilians had been found in cities around Kyiv.

They allege that they found a torture chamber in the basement of a hospital in Buka. Many women and children were also among those found. Ukraine claims the hands of five people found in the basement were tied, where civilians were tortured and killed.


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