Russia has been attacking Ukraine for the last 42 days. The war has wreaked havoc on Ukraine. America is helping Ukraine in this war. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Sackie says that it is not in America’s interest to go to war with Russia. However, we remain committed to continuing our support for Ukraine. It will take some time to emerge from this war and America will remain a part of it.

U.S. on Russia  Ukraine war
U.S. on Russia Ukraine war

Jen Saiki said the sanctions were intended to force Russia to reverse its decision. They do not have infinite resources. Russia will eventually be forced to either run out of dollar reserves or adopt new revenue or exit into default, given the strict sanctions we have imposed.


“The biggest part of our goal is to eliminate the resources that are causing President Putin to continue his war against Ukraine and create more uncertainty in his financial system,” he said. At present, the horrifying pictures of Bucha of Ukraine have turned the world against Russia. Ukraine has demanded that Russia prosecute for war crimes and impose strict sanctions.