al zawahiri Al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, recently released a nine-minute video. In this video, Zawahiri tries to provoke the people of India by insulting the issue of Hijab in India. Shared a nine-minute video on Tuesday (April 5). In the video, he says that his sister Muskan Khan She is a student of a government college in Udupi, Karnataka. Al-Zawahiri also recited a poem praising him.

After the death of Osama bin Laden, Zawahiri took over the reins of Al Qaeda. But in 2020 the news of his demise came to the world. But a few months later, he released a video claiming that he was alive. After this he released a video on the hijab issue. Site Intelligence Group has also confirmed this. In the video, Zawahiri is praising Muskaan Khan. He has also released a poster in the video. It looks like a sack surrounded by a drawstring. After submitting a poem for Muskaan, Zawahiri protested against countries banning the hijab. Zawahiri also targeted Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Who is Muskaan Khan?
Hijab-wearing students were barred from attending class at a government college in Karnataka’s Udupi. After this Muslim students demonstrated against the government. To answer this, pro-Hindu organizations have taken an aggressive stand. Now after being surrounded by anti-hijab protesters in Karnataka, the video of Bibi Muskan Khan, a student protesting against them, has gone viral.