Imran Khan, who came to power promising to create a ‘Naya Pakistan’, has now lost his seat. Imran Khan said that he will not take loans from abroad, but the fact is that he made the country miserable by adding a public debt of Rs 18 lakh crore during his three-and-a-half year rule. This debt of the Imran government is more than the public debt added by the government of Pakistan in the last 75 years. This was disclosed by the so-called Reserve Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan on Tuesday.

As a result of Imran Khan’s record borrowings, the total debt of the government increased to 42.8 trillion Pakistani rupees in February 2022. This also includes a loan of Rs 18.1 lakh crore taken by the Imran government in the last three and a half years. Earlier, Imran Khan’s two rival parties PML-N and PPP had added 18 trillion public debt in the last 10 years. Imran Khan crossed this figure in just three and a half years.

Foreign debt also increased by 90 percent under Imran’s rule

Imran Khan dissolved parliament and lost power on April 3, taking unconstitutional steps to avoid defeat on the opposition’s no-confidence motion. According to statistics, Pakistan’s Imran government raised a public debt of Rs 14.2 billion per day from September 1, 2018 to February 2022, more than twice that of Nawaz Sharif’s party. Between September 2018 and February 2022, total public debt grew by 73%.

Earlier in February 2019, the Imran Khan government had said that if it cannot reduce its public debt to Rs 20 trillion, it would mean that his government has failed to perform well, according to a Pakistani newspaper. Imran Khan has failed miserably throughout his tenure. The total domestic debt of the Federal Government of Pakistan increased to Rs. 27.7 trillion. At the same time, under Imran’s rule, foreign debt has increased by 90 percent to Rs 15 lakh crore.