London: Cartoon characters are meant to entertain children. But some can also be harmful. A similar cartoon character is currently in discussion, with the United Kingdom Police issuing an alert. Police have asked parents to beware of a cartoon character named Huggy Woogie.

According to a report published in our affiliate website ‘WION’, this cartoon character will look very normal to you and it may seem that there is something wrong with it but it is a very dangerous character. Which thrills children with its jumping style and if children jump out of it, then the spinal cord can be damaged.


This cartoon character was launched in 2021. Which is a blue bear. It has sharp teeth and curly hair. And it appears in a cartoon show called Poppy Playtime. Police in the south-west of the United Kingdom have warned parents to stop their children from watching videos of the character.

Police say that watching the video can have a negative effect on children. It also includes children’s fear, anxiety and nightmares. This character also has a horror video game. The game app with PEGI12 rating is available on Android Store.


children need attention
West Bear Primary School in Hartlepool said in a statement that the video shows the bear asking viewers to take his last breath. This is a very treacherous character. The CatCut Academy in Hartlepool says the name has led to young people following the cartoon. More attention is needed when your child is online.