Varanasi, April 06 (H.S.). On Wednesday, the fifth day of Chaitra Navratri, devotees attended the courts of Bageshwari Devi (Skanda Mata) located at Jaitpura and Vishalakshi Gauri at Mirghat for happiness, peace in life, increase in dynasty. Devotees started reaching the court from early morning for the worship of Nav Durga and Gauri Swaroop. In both the temples, devotees queued up and waited for the doors to open before the Mangla Aarti.

Panchamrita bath was given to the Deity of Skandmata at Jaitpura. After this, the deity of Mother Rani was duly adorned with flowers like rose, hibiscus, Bela etc. by wearing new clothes. After this, after worshiping amidst Vedic chants, after the Bhog Aarti, the doors of the temple were opened to the common people. Bageshwari Mata is considered to be the goddess of learning. Apart from the devotees, a large number of students also come here for darshan and worship during Navratri. It is believed that Mata Rani fulfills the wishes of the devotees.

The priest of the temple said that the mother protects the human society. Fulfills the wishes of the devotees made from the true heart. Being the mother of Lord Skanda, this form of mother is known as Skandmata. The mother is seated on the lotus seat. Lord Skanda is sitting in the lap of the mother in the form of a child. Lord Skanda became the commander of the gods in the Devasura war. In the Puranas, their glory has been described by calling them Kumar and Shakti. Worshiping Skandmata also automatically becomes the worship of Lord Skanda, the child form. Being the presiding deity of the solar system, worshiping the mother gives supernatural radiance and radiance. On the other hand, devotees also reached Vishalakshi temple located in Meerghat in Gauri form for darshan-worship through the streets and performed darshan worship by law.

There is a belief in Kashi that the sins of birth after birth are washed away by the sight of Goddess Vishalakshi. Lotus flowers are very dear to the Goddess. Maa Vishalakshi has an important place in the Navshakti Peeths of Kashi. According to the belief, the ear-kundal of Mother Sati and a part of her had fallen at this place. Due to which this place has both glory and greatness. This place of Maa Vishalakshi with huge eyes is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Maa Sati. Their importance is similar to that of Kanchi’s mother (Kripa Drishta) Kamakshi and Madurai’s (fish eye) Meenakshi. According to the scriptures, Baba Vishwanath, the doer of Kashi himself rests in the temple of Maa Vishalakshi.