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Meerut, 06 April (H.C.). The government’s baton has started running on the illegal businesses of former minister Yakub Qureshi. The hospital of Yakub Qureshi, which was running without registration, was sealed by the Health Department on Wednesday. During this, a heavy police force was present outside the hospital.

Former minister Yakub Qureshi’s meat factory named Alfahim Meetax Private Limited was running without a license in Allipur village for a long time. The police have registered a case against 14 people including Yakub and preparations are being made to investigate the old criminal cases and set them up as gangsters. Yakub Qureshi has also not responded to the notice issued by the police. The process of destroying the meat recovered from the factory is underway. It is said that Yakub’s meat factory built against the rules can also be brought down.

Health department sealed the city hospital

Yakub Qureshi’s family used to run the City Hospital on Hapur Road. This hospital was running without registration. Now the health department has also tightened the noose on Yakub Qureshi. On realizing this already, Yakub stopped the operation of the hospital. On Wednesday, the team of Health Department under the leadership of Deputy CMO Dr. Javed Hussain and Dr. Sudhir Kumar reached City Hospital. Dr. Sudhir Kumar told that this hospital was being operated without registration. That’s why it has been sealed. During this, the police of Nauchandi police station was present on the spot. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Akhilesh Mohan said that since 2019 the registration of City Hospital was not renewed. No reply was given even after giving three notices. Hence this action has been taken. Action is being taken against hospitals running without registration in Meerut. Recently, action has also been taken against pathology labs running without registration.