379007-toll5422Sydney: A truck driver living in Australia was hurt by a toll company and fell unconscious. In the name of toll tax, gradually 57 thousand dollars i.e. about 43 lakh rupees were deducted from his account. His only mistake was passing through a toll road in New South Wales. Once, the transport agency recovered around Rs 13 lakh from the person.

According to News.com.au, about Rs 75,000 was deducted each time from Sydney truck driver Jason Clinton’s account. Thus a total of 57 thousand dollars (43 million) were tweaked. When Jess asked for a refund from the transport company for the mistake, the company refused to give him a refund on the account. The State Transport and Road Agency said they would return Jason’s money via a credit note.

Jason is one of the 45,000 e-toll users who were charged several times the regular fee for using the toll road by mistake. Due to the company’s mistake, a large amount was deducted from the account of Jason Clinton in the name of toll. When he realized this, he immediately closed his toll account. But by then the big turning point had come.

Speaking to 2GB Radio Australia, Jason said that New South Wales and eToll had made fun of me. I am completely disappointed. I don’t want credit note option at all. Howard Collins, Chief Operations Officer for New South Wales Transport, has apologized for the incident. He said that the company will refund all the drivers from whom the excess money was charged.

Roads Minister Natalie Ward also apologized and said that such a mistake should not have been made. He said that when money is deducted from an account, the money should be returned in that account. The minister claimed that New South Wales Transport had returned everyone. He asked the people to wait for a while. Because it is possible that the delay in getting the money from the bank may take some time.