viral snake video When you think of snakes, the first word that comes to mind is fear! However, people prefer to watch snake videos because they are quite interesting and fascinating. A video of two snakes is going viral on social media, in which it seems that they are dancing. In the video, two snakes can be seen slowly wrapping around each other in a beautifully coordinated manner.

The video was shared by @snake_unity on Instagram yesterday. While many social media users said it was a spectacular sight, some shared that the snakes were not actually mating or dancing, but rather engaged in a territorial fight.



Shared for 18 hours, the video has gone viral and has garnered over 18,000 views. The video has left netizens wondering whether the two snakes were mating, engaged in some sort of dance, or fighting. Many said that the video of snakes engaging in a “mating dance” is actually a wrestling match between two male snakes of the same species.