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189000 Anganwadi centers of UP will be rejuvenated, now children will get these facilities

Trends Of Discover, Lucknow: Anganwadi centers are an example of a healthy future for the youth of our society. These centers provide good nutrition, education and health services to infants. Minister of Women Welfare, Child Development and Nutrition Baby Rani Maurya along with District Program Officers announced this important initiative organized in collaboration with UNICEF.

Importance of Anganwadi centers

Anganwadi centers are an important resource for the women and children of our society. Through these centres, we not only take care of the nutrition of the children, but the mothers also get the benefit of right health services. Through these centers we also provide the right care to pregnant women to improve their and their baby’s health.

importance of cleanliness

Sanitation is an important priority for our Anganwadi centres. The Women Welfare Minister said that we will have to work hard to make Anganwadi centers clean and safe. Making arrangements for clean drinking water, toilets, hand washing facilities etc. is very important for the health of our children and mothers.

Importance of water

Availability of water in Anganwadi centers plays an important role in the nutrition of children. We all know how important proper nutrition is for the healthy development of our children. With this step of the Women Welfare Minister, we will ensure that our Anganwadi centers get natural and safe water.

Importance of clean drinking water

Clean drinking water is extremely important for our health. We have to ensure that clean drinking water is available in our Anganwadi centers so that children can grow up healthy and without any diseases.

social message

We also get an important social message from this step of Women Welfare Minister Baby Rani Maurya. We have to understand that our society can be made stronger through cleanliness and health. This is leading us to a healthier, safer and more prosperous society.

move forward collaboratively

The Women Welfare Minister has announced this important step in collaboration with District Program Officers in collaboration with UNICEF. It teaches us that through cooperation we can become more prosperous and help more people.

Number of Anganwadi Centers

There are 189,000 Anganwadi centers in the state, where essential services related to nutrition, education and health are provided to children under six years of age and pregnant and lactating mothers. Therefore, improvement of these centers is very important for the health and development of our society.

proper use of natural resources

It is also necessary to make proper use of natural resources in Anganwadi centres. For clean drinking water and sanitation in these centres, we will have to make proper use of natural resources.

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