Monday , May 20 2024

15 lakh women in India are suffering from epilepsy, anti-epilepsy medicines should be given to pregnant patients

According to international experts, about 15 lakh women of reproductive age in India suffer from epilepsy. In such a sensitive situation they need special care and support.

Every year on February 12, International Epilepsy Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the disease and provide time for comprehensive treatment. Every year around 5 crore people are affected by this disease all over the world, out of which 1 crore people in India are suffering from epilepsy. Considering this disease as a social stigma and showing reluctance towards treatment, women affected by epilepsy have turned their backs on a normal and healthy life, whereas experts say that with comprehensive treatment, this disease can be cured and healthy children can be born. Could. also possible. More problems in treatment arise in rural areas, where people have many doubts and social taboos regarding this disease.

Experts say that anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) should be given to pregnant patients. Epilepsy specialist Dr. Sibbi Gopinath is from Amrita Hospital, Kochi. Children between one year to 12 years also have to struggle with such problems. Dr AK Sawhney, head of neurology at the Indian Spinal Injuries Center in New Delhi, said women with epilepsy may want to plan their birth so that they and their baby can be protected with anti-epileptic drugs during pregnancy. A pregnant woman suffering from epilepsy can have a normal delivery under the supervision of a neurologist.