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127 years ago cars were banned at this place, one had to travel here only in horse carriage

Mackinac Island: People use cars, bikes or buses to travel from one place to another. Again, in a developing world where new discoveries keep happening and there is no dearth of things to provide facilities to mankind, it cannot even be imagined that there is any place in the world where motor vehicles do not exist or cannot be driven.

Where you have to depend on non-motorized vehicles to travel. In the viral video, you can see how people live there peacefully.

Have you ever heard of a place where driving motor vehicles is prohibited? Well, there is a place where only bicycles and horse carriages are allowed.

127 years ago cars were banned at this place, people had to travel only in horse carriages 2 - Image

This place is the most developed country in America. There is Michigan Island in Mackinac County, Michigan, USA. Motor vehicles have been banned here for the last 127 years. This ban was imposed in the year 1898. Now you will not find cars on the entire island. The air quality at this place is so good that we cannot even think about it amidst pollution.

People here travel only by horse carriage and bicycle. The result of this restriction is excellent air quality here.

this island is very beautiful

A ferry is required to reach this summer resort town located near Lake Huron. The island also has a population of about 600 people and is famous for its natural beauty. People visit here in large numbers, especially for the Lilac Festival in June and to see the autumn leaves.