10 Twitter accounts identified in ‘Sully Deal’ case

New Delhi, January 12 (H.S.). During the continuous interrogation of Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit, 10 suspicious Twitter accounts in the ‘Sully Deal’ case have been unearthed. The accused Omkareshwar Thakur, who was caught about these accounts, has informed the police. On this basis, now a letter has been written by the Special Cell to the officials of Twitter and the details of these 10 accounts have been sought. At the same time, if sources are to be believed, then if the police gets the details, then the role of these accused will be ascertained.

According to the information, in the month of July, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had registered an FIR regarding the ‘Sulli Deal’ app case. The picture of Muslim women was put on the said website and their bidding was done. During the investigation of this case, the police did not get any important clue, but recently they arrested Neeraj Bishnoi, the maker of ‘Bulli Bai App’ from Assam. He reveals that he knows the maker of ‘Sully Deal’. He told the Twitter handle of Omkareshwar to the police, with the help of which the police team arrested him from Indore as well.

He has been produced before the court and has been taken on remand of four days, whose period is expiring today. According to sources, the police did not get any specific information from his mobile during interrogation. His laptop is still under surveillance. During interrogation, the accused told the police that he had created this app in the first week of July and had also deleted it after three days. He had formed a group on Twitter in the name of Trade Mahasabha, which had about 50 members. He has shared the details of 10 of these Twitter handles with the cyber cell. When the police investigated, it was found that all these Twitter handles have been deleted.

The police have written a letter to the Twitter officials regarding the Twitter handle given by the accused Omkareshwar Thakur during the interrogation. Through this letter, information has been sought about those 10 accounts about which Omkareshwar Thakur has disclosed. Police say that these people can be an important role in the ‘Sulli Deal’ case and if any evidence is found against them, then they can also be arrested.